Stars: Anthony & Josephine
Setting: The Corner, Richmond VIC
Vibe: Humble pie. But rhubarb, not the predictable apple.

I’ll be honest about this one. As much as I don’t like to say it, I went into this show not knowing a whole lot about Oh Wonder and their beautiful music. I use this descriptive word specifically because that’s just what their music is, and what they are. Beautiful.

The couple instantly made my heart flutter. I wanted to be a part of their shared love, not for each other but their obvious shared love for music. And it was obvious that this special love extended to the people who appreciated their art. All feelings were mutual and as John Paul Young would describe it, love was in the air.

“Most wonderful crowd we’ve ever had”

Even though it seemed like a full house and what Oh Wonder told us to be their biggest show to date, the Corner show felt nothing but intimate. It was romantic.

All the girls wanted to be Josephine, a cute, talented songstress who seemed so happy on stage, and all the boys wanted to be with her as she giggled at song’s conclusions and serenaded each and every one of our heart strings. One of my favourite parts of the gig was when Josephine spoke to us about the origination of the song that followed, which they had written one new years eve. She spoke to us about taking risks and living, not just existing. As the year of 2016 is unravelling before us and young curious hearts seek purposeful lives, simple messages like these remain vibrant in my mind as I, too, endeavour to live everyday of my life, rather than simply existing.

Oh Wonder seem relatively small and unknown, and as much as we want to keep the duo as our own best friend (third-wheeling obligatory), they’re sure to go onwards and upwards. But I am convinced that their intimacy and infectious love will never wither.


Watch: Oh Wonder – Without You Official Video


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