Winterlawn and no Mosh Pyke

Music: Winterbourne, supporting Josh Pyke
Stars: Triple J: James, Jordan & Josh et al
Setting: Melbourne Zoo
Vibe: Chilled

First of all, I want to say a big ups to Melbourne Zoo for their Twilight shows. All you need to do is buy a bottle of wine, find a patch of grass and you’re set for the night – note, it’ll be a relaxed one!

First up was Winterbourne, a modest but super talented duo from Sydney. The pair have come a long way since their busking days at Pitt Street and had a little fan club dancing up the front. I must say, if you know the words to their songs – it’s very hard to not sing a long. They played a few new songs, too. “I’d like to get to know ya” has a jazzy, super cool beat with a touch of funk.

Downfall: Not enough songs! Even though Winterbourne were there to support Josh Pyke, it would’ve been good to hear more of their classics like The Sand.

Next up, Josh Pyke and his band. Josh’s unique voice was really heard and all of the band members played a great part – backing vocals, build up from the drums, etc. Josh is the definition of laid back Australian and it felt familiar, almost nostalgic to hear him play.

Highlight: Middle of the Hill, obviously.



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